Evaluating sources


  1. What If the secret to success is failure?
  2. Motivation and persistence booklet
  3. When persistence meets possibility
  4. Motivation – instruction – self-regulated learning
  5. Richard St. John’s 8 secrets to success
  6. How do we raise resilient, persistent kids?
  7. Can kids be taught persistence?
  8. Not just smart, but persistent as well
  9. Education: Academic success more than ABCs
  10. Children and valuable life skills revealed by doing jigsaw puzzles
  11. Persistence is learned from fathers, says study
  12. How to be persistent
  13. 6 effective ways to become persistent
  14. Think and grow rich (Chapter 9: Persistence)
  15. 7 sure-fire ways to develop persistence

ADDED 2/25: The significance of grit

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